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What made my mind change was watching a TV interview of Shri Deshpande. I started follwoing the Deshpande Technique in my farm and surprising changes took place.
Shankar Bhingare ...


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About Rishi-Krishi :

RISHI-KRISHI DESHPANDE AGRICULTURE TECHNIQUE is based on vedic literature and cosmic energy. The aim of Rishi-Krishi Technique is to keep the soil alive forever with the help of cosmic energy, as it is the only source of plant growth.


Click here for last interview to a news channel by Aryakrishak Mohan Shankar Deshpande
2 hours before his sad demise on 22nd December 2015


Our Aim :

To teach the farmers to keep the soil alive forever and for that I have to teach them practically.

1) Plants have their own language which they use to communicate with the living organism in the soil. The diet of every tree even of the same specie is different from that of other plants.

2) No organic or inorganic fertilizer of organic manure is needed as food by plants.

3) Cosmic energy is the only source of plant growth.

4) The poor drainage is the result of salt accumulation and not cause there of therefore, trenching and washing will never be a lasting solution to improve the saline land.

5) Nothing has to be purchased from the market, earthworms, culture, casts etc. You cannot purchase mother's milk in the market.

6) Input of the use of cosmic energy in its different forms in its natural way gives result in bumper crops in the same season - no gestation period is required. It is like mother's response to her child.

About Arya Krishak shri Mohan Shankar Deshpande and his Farming Technique

I am a science graduate majoring in mathematics. Hence my exposure to biological sciences such as zoology, botany etc. Was limited to only a couple of classes during the undergraduate years. And as far as agriculture was concerned, apart from owning some land in my village, I was not engaged in farming till my graduation. During 1960s and '70s there were sustained efforts to attract young educated people to agriculture, Since I was also in the process of choosing a career, agriculture became one of the options to be considered. These were the years of very high prices for sugar and jaggery and the sugracane cultivators were enjoying unprecedented prosperity. So I decided to get into farming and returned to my village. My village is khede. Taluka Agra, District Kolhapur, Maharashtra-India. The location is on Ghatmatha i.e. the plateau at the top of the hills as you climb the Sahyadris from Konkan, the coastal region. But it had all the traditons of Konkan.

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Our Technique


Step 1. Angara (Holy Ash) As per the Deshpande method the cultivator has to incorporate a minimum of 15 kilo of soil from the base of a banyan tree into each acre of farmland he wishes to cultivate.

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Our Material


Book on Rishi Krishi
Title Ahimsak Rishi-Krishi Deshpande Farming Technique
English Edition Rs. 250/- + Postage[In India]

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