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An elderly gentelman who is hardworking & knowledgable farmer was trying to leach the salt from the soil by trenching around the farm, but there was no improvement.
Nayaku Ankalkhope ...

Our Hypothesis

Deshpande Hypothesis

No.1- Trees have a language which they use to communicate with the living organisms in the soil. The diet of every tree even of the same species is specific i.e. different from that of other trees. I have used the word tree to include all the plants.

-Bhadvad Gita 15.13


This means : Entering the earth with my energy I support the moving and unmoving beings. I myself becoming the watery moon. Support all the plants.




The above sholkas which emphasize the fact that the moonlight is essential for the growth of plants, have been known to generations of common men. There are many others which reveal different aspect of plant life which have not received any serious attention. I studied them in depth, interpreted the contents in the context of faming and then acted upon the knowledge revealed. In other words I converted the Vedio Mantras into my Tantra i.e. translated a theory into practice which I call the Deshpande Method of farming. My method offers a universal formula which can be used by any agriculturist for any crop and under all circumstances.. There is a guarantee that the Deshpande technique will increase the fertility of the soil and improve the yield for all types of soils and for all raps. The technique is not a magic trick or a miracle. It is based on solid scientific foundation. Our ancestral saints and sages have proved it by untiring labours and experiments. My contribution is limited to interpreting and redefining it to suit the modern farming. After testing my first hypothesis (Plants or trees have a language which is understood by the living organisms in the ground) by further investigations, I added two more observations. These form the foundation of Deshpande farming technique.

No. 2 - No organic or inorganic fertilizer or organic manure is a need as food by plants.

No. 3 - COSMIC ENERGY is the only source of plant growth.
1) How N.P.K and other trace elements enter the plants ?
2) Why the crop response with increased growth to feeding of chemical fertilizers ?
Our ancestors and the saints and sages have long back answered these and similar questions. The modern scientists designate these as mysteries unexplained. The vedio answer is that the COSMIC ENERGY is the cause of all growth. Like all energies, the Cosmic energy is invisible and one can only observe or feel it's effects. It helps convert one element into another. This energy is available to the soil organisms and the living cells of the plants. Therefore, the plants can produce (manufacture) the food they need for growth with the help of the cosmic energy. Dr. C.L. Kervan has narrated several instance of Unexplained Mysteries of the plant world in his book Biological Transmutation, Two examples : The Oak tree grows into silicious type of soil. This soil has no calcium but plenty of silica, However, the analysis of the constituents of this tree (tree ash) showed 60% calcium. Ho did this occur? -The only conclusion is that the silica was converted into calcium. Mr. Kervan recorded this as an unexplained mystery since he was not aware that this was caused by Cosmic energy. Spanish moss, which belongs to the Tillandsia family of plants, was grown in copper fibres without any soil (it is called an air plant). On analysing the ash no trace of copper was found but there was 17% iron. How did the copper get transmitted into iron?

The conclusion is : The universal belief, that the elements present in the plants as revealed by the analysis are absorbed by them in the same form (e.g. nitrogen as nitrogen) from the soil, is totally misconceived. Nobody realises the part played by the Comic energy in the process.
Whosoever has learned the secret of harnessing the Comic energy has realised the ultimate knowledge, One can than tranmute one element into another. The soil organisms have attained this skill. The above discussion conclusively proves that no chemical fertilisers are used as food as such by plants. I will now tackle the point as to why the plants show improved growth when they are fed chemical fertilizers ? The answer is contained in the query itself. When chemical fertilizers are fed to the plants growing in biologically active (living) soil which contains billions of bacteria, the crops improve. However, if these chemicals are fed to (mirobially) dead soil (for example highlysaline soils,) the crops just do not grow, let alone improve, Maharshi Vyas (the author of this question. He states that the crops improve because of the living organisms in the soil (and hence not due to feeding of chemical fertilisers) The true cause of this phenomenon can be traced to an observation by Maharshi Vyan who has stated that allying being prospers at the cost of the lifde of the other ("JIVO JIVASYA KARNAM") When we feed the chemical fertilisers, due to the poisonous or the toxic nature of these chemicals, bilions of bacteria in the soil are destroyed. This releases the cosmic energy contained in their bodies which is attracted and pulled by the cosmic energy of the roots of the plants. The availability of this ready made energy results in an increased growth of the plants. Once the store of the organisms in the soil is exhausted the soil is dead i.e. it becomes salty and unsuitable for cultivation. The role of organic manures is diametrically opposites to that of chemical fertilisers, although the but same they do not, directly act as food for the plants. Unlike the chemical fertilisers which kill the soil bacteria, the organic manures increase the population of the bacteria. Larger numbers of bacteria results in an indirect increase in the fertility of the soil with the consequent improvement in the crop yields. Plants absorb the food elements from the soil in an iron form through iron fixing bacteria. After providing the ion the bacteria dies. So the plants get both food and strength (cosmic energy of the dead bacteria) with consequent improvement in the yields. Further, since the dead organisms are being replaced on a continuous basis due to the presence of the organic manures, the fertility of the soil is retained.

Our Technique


Step 1. Angara (Holy Ash) As per the Deshpande method the cultivator has to incorporate a minimum of 15 kilo of soil from the base of a banyan tree into each acre of farmland he wishes to cultivate.

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Book on Rishi Krishi
Title Ahimsak Rishi-Krishi Deshpande Farming Technique
English Edition Rs. 250/- + Postage[In India]

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