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My first client farmer.He has been using the Deshpande Technique for over 10 years with great success.

Hindurao Korane ...

Rishi-Krishi Crops

Among many, following are few crops on which our technique has worked successfully.

  • Sugarcane

  • Soyanean

  • Okra

  • Egg-Plant

  • Jawar

  • Other crops

I intend to teach the farmers to keep the soil alive forever practically.

How the Sugar Cane Grows without Chemical Fertilizer or Organic Manure?
Maharashtra has been blessed with plenty of sunlight. When the leaf area is one sq. ft, a sugarcane plant stores solar energy - A Park of Comic energy - in.-the form of food (sugar) to the extent of three grams per day. If it is assumed that the plant has one square foot of leaves for 300 days out of 365 in a year, the production of sugar will be 900 gms. Out of these 300 gms is utilized by the plant for its own metabolism. The remaining 600 gms of sugar with three times its weight that is 1800 gms of water & other parts of the plant would mean a sugarcane production of 2400 gms per square foot per year. One acre is 43,560 sq.ft. The weight of sugarcane produced in this area at one plant per sq.ft. Would be 1,04,544 kg or about 104 tones. Therefore, the nature has conferred on us the privilege to produce 104 tons of sugarcane from each acre of the farm land under cultivation within a year! (Organic Farming wrt Cosmic Energy) Page No. 59

Why does a soil turn alkaline?
The scientists declare that the practice of the farmers to irrigate the fields with unnecessarily large quantities of water is the prime reason why the soils accumulate salts. I think that this an attempt of conveniently blaming others for our own mistakes, as exemplified by the wolf and the sheep fable. Saline soils and excessive irrigation do not have even a distant relation. Accumulation of water due to poor drainage is the consequence soil turning saline and not the reason thereof. The farmer is blamed for this mishap for no fault of his. Unfortunately the farmer is ignorant enough to blame himself for the disaster. He admits the fact that he uses excessive water. He also observes that his soil is gradually turning saline. I would comfort my farmer friend with the assurance that he is the last one who should be blamed for this sorry state of affairs. The blame squarely lies with the research scholars and scientists who guided him along this wrong path. Why should they be blamed? For the simple reason that they carried out scientific investigations without a scientific philosophy. Their persistence in looking at only one side of the coin (increasing agriculture production with chemicals) while ignoring the other side (consequent adverse effect on the soil fertility and biologic life in the soil) has waged a war against the humanity and has devastated the farmer's land. (Organic Farming wrt Cosmic Energy) Page No. 40-41

Our Technique


Step 1. Angara (Holy Ash) As per the Deshpande method the cultivator has to incorporate a minimum of 15 kilo of soil from the base of a banyan tree into each acre of farmland he wishes to cultivate.

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Book on Rishi Krishi
Title Ahimsak Rishi-Krishi Deshpande Farming Technique
English Edition Rs. 250/- + Postage[In India]

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