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My farm was not generating sufficient income even after extensive use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides, one day i happened to listen a talk by Shri Deshpande on Radio..
Mrs.Sunetra Shinde ...


1. I, Shankar Bhingare, Bherdapur,District Shrirampur, PIN 413721 state as under -


So far I used to cultivate grapes and other crops using chemical fertilizers and pests and disease control measures.During 1995-96 I spent Rs. 2 Lakhs on my Grapes & farm but received only Rs.45000 as return.I was therefore thinking of closing down my farm. What made me change my mind was watching a TV interview of Shri Deshpande. I then started following the Deshpande Technique in my farm and surprising changes took place!

The Production of Cabbage, Onions, and Cauliflower has been very good.What happened in the Grape farm can only be called as miracle. In 1996-97 due to the adverse climate, the chemical farming gardens suffered heavy casualities. In contrast my garden is in fool bloom. My expenditure is only Rs.500 so far & I am confident of a very satisfactory income.All my family members including younger generation feel that only Mantra which will save all is "Applying Rishi-Krishi Deshpande Technique" Our grateful thanks to Shri Deshpandeji!!!

(Above Statement was witnessed by Shri Babusaheb Balaji, Patewar Director - Maharashtra Rajya Draksha Bagayatdar Sangh,Pune)

2.Shri Sanatkumar Patil
Soil- On the way to Salinity. Water saline.

Shri Patil is a young, enterprising cultivator from Karnataka.He was in great difficulty due to a number of problems at the farm, compounded by a totally unreliable power supply.The production was decreasing year by year as the soil was gradually turning saline and the irrigation water was briny.In 1993, we started trials using Deshpande Technique, My advise was to use as much water as he desired despite its salinity. He followed my advise and the resultant sugarcane yield was the highest in the village.

3.Nayaku Dnyanu Ankalkhope, Sangli, Maharashtra.
Crops- Sugarcane, Soyabean, Eggplant,Okra.
Soil- Saline.

This elderly gentleman is a hard working , observant & knowledgable farmer. For 8-10 years he was trying to leach the salts from the soil by ternching around the farm. But water was not percolating from the soil into the trenches. He was carrying out all the remedies suggested by the experts such as using gypsum etc , but he was disapponted to see no improvement. He explained the failure by giving an appropriate example. He said "We plaster the roofs of our home with a three or four inch layer of dead soil. This roof does not leak even after an accumalation of rain water, then how the water accumalated in my field will penetrate a 10 to 12 ft. layer of dead(salty) soil to drain into the trenches?"
We then started our trials in 1994. Three doses of Amrutpani were given & three bags of angara was also spread. And within 8-10 days time the dead soil started breathing again! The water from the field started percolating into the trnches. The crop yields were impressive.Other farmers started visiting his farm to admire the miracle.

4.Mrs.Sunetra U.Shinde,Pune,Maharashtra.
Crops- Sugarcane, Corn, Okra & Wheat.
Soil- Good,Heavy texture.

My farm was not generating sufficient income even after extensive use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides. One day i happened to listen a talk by Shri Deshpande on All India Radio.I was curious to know more about the technique & hence visited Shri Deshpande.But since i had read & heard some where that organic farming is a long drawn process, I was skeptical about the Technique.Still with assurance of Shri Deshpande we started the trial by planting Okra in 5 acres. And the yield was very satisfactory & surprisingly the produce was free of insect damage or disease. Later on I planted Corn, Wheat and currently have Sugarcane growing in 18 acres of land.The yields are consistently high without any use of chemicals or fertilizers.

5.Shantinath Satgonda Patil,Sangli, Maharashtra

This small lot holder with very limited cash resources wanted to grow a short term less expensive crop for quick returns. At that time i used to charge Rs.2000 as consultation fee.But after talking to him I reduced it to Rs.1000 but when i actually visited the farm , i returned him Rs.500 since the land was in a very sorry state due to salt accumalation & i thought that he will not be able to recover even the cost of cultivation. We started using my technique and planted Okra. And we were pleasently surprised with the resultant high yield & excellent quality of crop which commanded good price in Sangli market.Within 8 months he had grown the original crop followed by two ratoons of Okra. His financial difficulties are now a long forgotten nightmare.

6. Hindurao Balvant Korane,Phulewadi Kolhapur.Maharashtra.
Crops- Rice,Sugarcane & Mango.
Soil- Good quality, water very saline.

Shri Korane is my first client farmer.He has been using Deshpande technique for over 15 years with great success.His main probelm has been the water.He produces jaggery from the sugarcane grown at his farm.However the jaggery used to taste salty since the waste water from the village runs into his field. He then started cultivation as per the Rishi-krishi Technique and the jaggery produced int the very first year was sweet! His problem is now fully resolved.He also has the distinction of winning the first or second prizes at the annual shows organized by the Regional Sugarcane Research Center.

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Step 1. Angara (Holy Ash) As per the Deshpande method the cultivator has to incorporate a minimum of 15 kilo of soil from the base of a banyan tree into each acre of farmland he wishes to cultivate.

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Book on Rishi Krishi
Title Ahimsak Rishi-Krishi Deshpande Farming Technique
English Edition Rs. 250/- + Postage[In India]

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