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What made my mind change was wathing a TV interview of Shri Deshpande. I started follwoing the Deshpande Technique in my farm and surprising changes took place.
Shankar Bhingare ...

Visits & Consultations

It is not essential for shree Mohan Shankar Deshpande to personally visit the fields of every aspirant farmer. Instead, such farmers are requested to visit the farms which have employed this technique and see the effectiveness for themselves.

Given below is the list of farms using this technique and their location so that the place nearest to you could be found out. Please ensure that your visits to such farms are restricted to the suitable timings given for each farm. The farmers there can easily describe the technique and show you the results.

Rishi Krishi Farms - which provides information at different places in maharashtra are listed below.

Farm Shri Samarth Sheti Sansodhan Kendra Address Tal. Khede, Ajra, Kolhajpur Contact Timings prior appointment is required Phone(91-2323) 241130 (Khede) (91-2323) 246230,246985 (Ajra)

2. Farm Gajanan Nursery Address Jamnet, Jalgaon.

3. Farm Rishi-Krishi Mandal Address At Lingi Tahbril Vasmat, Parbhani.

4,Farm Rishi-Krishi Farm Contact person Shri Rajendra Sambare Address At Ashwi-lahsil Sangamner, Ahmednagar Contact Timings Only on 10th of every month Phone (91-2424) 241503 Farm Rishi-Krishi

5. Farm Rishi/Krishi Farm Address Belanki,Aurangabad.

6.Farm Rishi-Krishi Mandal Contact person Shri Sanjay Sontakke Address 16, pasay Dam, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Mane-Wada Marg, Nagpur.

7. Farm Rishi-Krishi Farm Contact Person Shri Sanjay Javekar Address Hero- Honda Dealer, Malvan, Sindhudurg.

8 . Farm Rishi- Krishi Farm Contact Person Shri. Mahmadalli Chougale Address Rajapur, Ratnagiri.

9.Farm Rishi- Krishi Farm Contact Person Shri Gorakh Powar Address C/o. Adarsh Classes, Tidake Colony, Ring-Road, Nasik.

10.Farm Rishi- Krishi Farm Contact person Shri. Digambar Mandare Address At post Bavadhan, Satara.

11.Farm Rishi-Krishi Farm Contact person Shri. Bhaskar jivaji Wakade Address At post Sanak, pimpalgaon, Tal. Ambad.

12 Farm Rishi-Krishi Mandal contact person Shri. Sharad Sonvane Address At post Shirpur, Dhule.

13. Farm Rishi-Krishi Mandal Contact person Shri Mahesh Purandare Address At post pangire Tahsil, Saswad, Pune.

Our Technique


Step 1. Angara (Holy Ash) As per the Deshpande method the cultivator has to incorporate a minimum of 15 kilo of soil from the base of a banyan tree into each acre of farmland he wishes to cultivate.

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Our Material


Book on Rishi Krishi
Title Ahimsak Rishi-Krishi Deshpande Farming Technique
English Edition Rs. 250/- + Postage[In India]

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